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Big Business in Hancock County
DAK Americas on Thursday announced a major expansion at its facility at the Port Bienville Industrial Park in Hancock County. DAK President and CEO Jorge Young said the company has selected the Hancock site for its new multi-million dollar Polyester Staple Fiber (PSF) manufacturing facility.

Several international businesses announced this week their intentions to bring or expand their respective businesses to Hancock County, including DAK Americas, which has chosen Port Bienville Industrial Park in Hancock County as the site for its new multi-million dollar Polyester Staple Fiber (PSF) manufacturing facility.
The company, along with Gov. Phil Bryant and Ashley Edwards, executive director of the Hancock County Port & Harbor Commission, announced the projects at the Hancock County Industry Awards Gala, where company executives were on hand to receive the Hancock County Port and Harbor Commission’s 2015 Port Industry Award of Excellence.
The other enterprises aiming for Port Bienville include PHI, a helicopter service company; and EmberClear Corp., a petrochemical company.

Aug 29, 2015, 00:53

Hancock couple lose home, dog in blaze
Douglas and Diana Boudan were able to escape when their home at 21213 Cameron Rd. in the Kiln burned Thursday, but lost everything in the blaze.

A Kiln couple escaped a massive conflagration Thursday when their home caught fire and nearly burned to the ground, officials said Friday.
Hancock County Fire Marshal Brian Adam said Friday that a structure fire was reported on Cameron Road about 7:30 p.m. Thursday.
"It was about a 6,000 square-foot home," Adam said. "The house was fully involved when fire units arrived on scene. Four local fire departments fought it and they did a good job in containing the fire."
Adam said Douglas Boudan and his wife Diana were inside the house when the fire started.
The Boudans were able to exit the home safely, he said.
"My mom & dad lost everything," the Boudans' son Frank Taylor said Thursday. "All they had was enough insurance to cover the structure, not everything else they owned.

Aug 29, 2015, 00:52

Chamber names Barbours the ‘Citizens of the Decade’
Mark Henderson, left, president of the Hancock Chamber board, and Gov. Phil Bryant present former First Lady Marsha Barbour and former Gov. Haley Barbour with the Citizen of the Decade Award.

The Hancock Chamber of Commerce on Thursday officially named former Gov. Haley Barbour and former First Lady Marsha Barbour as “Citizens of the Decade.”
The award presentation happened at the Hancock County Industry Awards Gala, hosted by both the Chamber and the Hancock County Port & Harbor Commission.
“What a difference a decade makes,” Tish Williams, executive director of the Chamber, said in a press release. “The devastation of 2005's hurricane was unprecedented. Lives were lost. Homes, buildings and infrastructure were destroyed. But there was one thing Katrina could not destroy - the power of the human spirit and people helping people."

Aug 29, 2015, 00:51

Waveland plans slight tax increase
The city of Waveland is planning a tax increase for the 2015-2016 fiscal year, despite a previous report that a millage increase would only cover the devaluation of the mil in the city next year.
According to a public notice running in today's Sea Coast Echo, the city plans to increase millage rates from 32 mils to 37.55 mils.
City Attorney Rachel Yarborough said Friday that part of the confussion over the budget was caused because of recent amendments made after the advertisement.
The city receives funding for its general fund from many sources. One of the main sources is property taxes.

Aug 29, 2015, 00:50

Multiple events to note anniversary of Katrina
Today is the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, which re-shaped the entire Mississippi Gulf Coast on Aug. 29, 2005.
To commemorate the anniversary, several Hancock County-area groups and churches have special events planned.
The city of Waveland will host a grand re-opening of its Ground Zero Museum today in the old Waveland Civic Center on Coleman Ave.
At 5 p.m., the museum will host a remembrance of those who lost their lives in Katrina and artist H.C. Porter will host her Backyards & Beyond exhibit on Katrina.. At 5:30 p.m., it will have a grand re-opening ceremony with refreshments.

Aug 29, 2015, 00:49

Laurent S. Smith is Artist of the Week
Laurent Smith

Artist of the Week, the late Laurent S. Smith, who lived in Bay St. Louis, was a self-taught draftsman, engineer, artist and all-around Renaissance Man, the younger Smith says.
Born in 1908 in upstate New York, Laurent S. Smith was the product of parents who moved frequently. His father was in the construction business, building dams and office buildings all across the U.S., Mexico and South America. Though blessed with a brilliant and creative mind, Laurent's hopes for a higher education were dashed while he was still in his early teens: He had to drop out of high school to work to support the family.
During his twenties, Smith worked as a surveyor and helped explore a little piece of swamp land known as Florida. This was back in the days when alligators literally outnumbered people.

Aug 29, 2015, 00:48

10 years after Hurricane Katrina, Bay St. Louis is ‘Back, Beautiful and Better than Ever’
The Bay St. Louis Municipal Harbor, paid for through federal grants, has become the “economic engine that will drive Bay St. Louis into a bright future,” according to Bay St. Louis Mayor Les Fillingame.

Ten years to the day after Hurricane Katrina, Bay St. Louis just isn't what it used to be. In a lot of ways, Mayor Les Fillingame says, it's better.
"It's been the biggest challenge that any of us will ever face to rebuild this community," Fillingame said. "The dynamic of everything being rebuilt at one time, the city, people's homes, was tremendous. But challenge equals a lot of opportunity – it offered us the opportunity to build a new Coast.
"Ten years out ... we should all take great pride in where we are."
And where we are, he says, is a good place to be.
"We're back, we're better and we're beautiful," Tish Williams, executive director of the Hancock County chamber of Commerce, said this week. "I think there have been many losses from Katrina, but there have also been many blessings from Katrina.

Aug 29, 2015, 00:30

City of Waveland: Rebuilt from Scratch
Waveland city officials celebrate the ribbon cutting ceremony for the grand opening of the all new Waveland City Hall in 2012.

The city of Waveland was so completely destroyed by Hurricane Katrina than ten years later its recovery is still not complete.
The city, however, has come a long way in the past decade and local leaders say the biggest reason is because of the strength and resolve of its citizens.
"We had to rebuild the city from scratch," former Mayor Tommy Longo said Thursday. "We in Waveland did something that has never been done before. It's a testament to the volunteers, the government, but most of all, our residents."
A few days after the storm hit on August 29, 2005 Longo and the board of aldermen met for the first time to discuss the city's recovery.
Longo said he does not remember everything that was discussed, but he remembers the urgency.

Aug 29, 2015, 00:29

MPB special tells Mississippi's side of the Katrina story

Mississippi Public Broadcasting has produced a documentary about Mississippian's experiences during and after Hurricane Katrina.
“Rising Above the Surge: The Post Katrina Coast” documentary focuses on the changes to today’s Gulf Coast and how the community is dealing with the ongoing issues in the aftermath of the devastation. The program opens with a look at Hurricane Katrina and its devastation to show how far the Mississippi Gulf Coast has come in its recovery.
"This is a story of Mississippians’ perseverance over catastrophe," according to MPB.
The documentary will air Saturday at 7 p.m. on MPB stations.
Learn more at

Aug 27, 2015, 11:55

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